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Express Yourself

It's true what they say, geezers, no man is an island. We can't do this alone, so let's be there for each other.

We know that it helps to talk about our problems. Suppressing them only lets them grow, and there can be great relief in discovering that we are not alone in our troubles.

It’s important we talk more openly and freely about our fears & worries, emotions, and the little things that actually really annoy us.

The YoGeez Podcast

We speak to a whole range of interesting guests who open up and share their experiences, so we can all learn and grow together.

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No Man's
An Island

It's better when we're in it together. Check out our film and campaign that shows the power of men sharing with each other.

No Man’s An Island raises awareness about the importance of – and the powerful effect that comes from – men opening up and being vulnerable with each other.

The film captures a rich and honest conversation about the fears, feelings and coping strategies of the 10 men who took part, showing the huge benefits in talking about their mental health. Mental health is affecting more men than ever before, and it's important men talk.

The campaign, launched on International Men's Day (Friday 19th November 2021), has been created by YoGeez and Urban Journal. The Urban Journal is media company with one mission: to amplify the emerging – and in particular, Black – voices of business, style and culture. You can read the latest from them here:

The campaign demonstrates how much it helps to talk. Suppressing things only lets them grow, and there can be great relief in discovering that we are not alone in our troubles. We also know that men, in general, don’t really have the space to talk about their mental health. Despite some positive changes, society’s expectations and the stigma attached to it are two of the main reasons men struggle to speak openly about their emotions and mental state.

No Man’s An Island tries to challenge this view and show that there is a different way forward. To start off with in the video, the 10 men seem a little tense and subdued. Then, as the conversation develops, it is palpable how they become lighter, happier and more connected to each other through sharing their most intimate fears.

The campaign participants are all aged between 20-35 and come from a variety of backgrounds. Half the participants identify as black men.This was of vital importance to the campaign as, despite being a community that is disproportionately affected by mental ill health, Black men can face significant barriers to getting the mental health support they need.

Our campaign partners are the amazing charity Shout 85258, a free, confidential, 24/7 text messaging support service for anyone who is struggling to cope.


Join us for one of our circles, where we listen to and support each other.

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geezers getting

better together

geezers getting

better together