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Welcome To Yogeez

First of all, welcome to Yogeez. Second of all, yes, I am neither a total geezer or in fact an enlightened yogi. Am I somewhere in the middle? I don’t really know, and to be honest, that’s not what is important.

What probably is important is what Yogeez is here to do. And that is to help men, fellas, lads, geezers. Because while life can be fun, exciting and amazing, it can also sometimes be a bit confusing, frustrating and shit. We want to help men take better care of themselves, mentally, emotionally and physically. And most importantly without having to turn your life upside down and becoming a monk living in some cave in the foothills the Himalayas rubbing the feet of a ‘guru’ who has only eaten potatoes his whole life (this man does exist, I’ve met him…).

For many years I was living in the different extremes. It was either football, pints, parties, drugs, burgers. Or 5 months in India practicing yoga every day and living in ashrams eating lentils and rice. It took me a pretty long time to realise that you can live in the middle, and you don’t have to give up one part of you to be the other part of you.

And hopefully Yogeez can help you with that. We’ll be offering different techniques to look after yourself, from yoga to the afters (where we chat a bit), to our podcast. We hope to become more vulnerable ourselves as we share our journey too, which maybe will help you find the courage to be more vulnerable. Because being vulnerable as a geezer is way harder than not being vulnerable, it requires much more strength, but getting things our of your head can do so much.

We hope you’ll be able to find something that resonates with you, for who you are, a geezer. Because trust me, living in the extremes isn’t healthy. If you don’t believe me, go and visit the potato guru in India.

Much love yogeezers.

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