• Patrick Price

Brands and Mental Health - who's going to step up next?

Here at Yogeez we have a simple mission; to redefine what it means to be a geezer.


Statistics show that men are disproportionately affected by issues surrounding mental health. It’s no secret that we are typically ill-equipped when it comes to discussing our problems and seeking help, highlighted by the saddening fact that suicide is the biggest killer of men under 35 years of age.

We believe geezers deserve better.

As the mental health crisis develops and our response as a society evolves, it has never been clearer that we all have a part to play in tackling it. And whilst it is of course important that each of us checks in with our friends and family, brands, with their large networks and audiences, are in a unique position to make a truly positive and wide reaching impact.

This sentiment, it seems, is broadly shared. In the last couple of years, brands such as JanSport, The FA, Instagram and TheLADBible group have run highly successful mental health campaigns which have driven millions of engagements from people all over the world. The general public are hungry for these conversations - now we just have to learn how to have them!

When writing for TV or film, one of the most common pieces of advice is ‘show, don’t tell’, and when it comes to helping men find the courage to be more vulnerable, we believe this is absolutely the way to do it. By having vulnerable conversations ourselves, we provide a framework through which men can discover ways to open themselves up and observe how other men (and society in general) respond. In our experience, this is the most powerful way of breaking through the conditioning that holds so many of us back.

More and more men are putting themselves in these positions of vulnerability, and we believe that by highlighting this, we as a society reach ever closer towards the tipping point at which talking about our mental health becomes a part of our every day conversations. We all have mental health, and we should all be talking about it.

Who’s going to step up next?


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