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No one can escape life's pain. That's life.

- Pierce Brosnan (top geez)

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There's no quick fix for the human condition, and whilst Pierce is right that we can't stop difficult situations from arising, we can develop tools which build both physical and mental strength, and help us better understand and communicate our emotions. 

Let's see if we can help each other out, shall we?

Here's what we do…

The Sesh

Our Podcast. Each month, 2 of our top geezers grab a bevvy and sit down to ask our geezer guest:

 'What's your problem, mate?'


​Listen in as 3 brave geezers attempt to unpack our guests problem* (part 1), before taking time to reflect on our community picked monthly theme (part 2).

*expect us to fuck up (and laugh about it) in the process.



Yoga classes for the average geezers body; pre-recorded (for now) by our founder (and top geezer) Nick.

'My yoga journey started after injuring my back playing too much footy. At first it was a purely physical practice, but over time became something much more; a way to calm down my erratic monkey brain and develop strength of body and mind.'

​As the community builds, we intend to broaden our list of instructors, offer live online classes, as well as in-person geezer retreats all over the bloody world.

The Afters

Express Yo-self. 

An opportunity, at the end of each month, to come along and share some space with other Yogeezers.

Never more than 15 in a circle;  vent about your other-half, your job, the poor VAR decisions from the weekend - or talk about something you love - this is your space, to share as much or as little as you wish.

No expectations - just geezers being geezers being there for other geezers. 

Breath Work

Need a breather?

You've come to the right place.

We can't promise multiple orgasms or eureka moments, but we can show you how to use your breath to relax and feel better in times of stress.


Creating space for all Yogeezers - far and wide - to come together, be that virtually or physically (or both!).

Clubhouse talks, webinars, live shows - even retreats. By geezers, for geezers - the world over.

We believe life is made better by human connection, and so aim to create stimulating, engaging and meaningful experiences that bring us geezers closer together in new, and constantly evolving, ways.

Body Conditioning

We call it body conditioning (for the physical body and mind). The process will start off by the warming up the body, after that we will move on to “free movement “. Where we move to a beat how we want.

After that we will commence with the exercise routine. The routines will be more about Rhythm and motion. No jerking, no rushing, let your body feel the gradual process and start to feel the benefits.

And more coming soon.