A space for men to take better care of themselves and find the courage to be more vulnerable. 



Yogeez is an ever-evolving community of geezers (men, fellas, guys, the lads) exploring ways to take better care of ourselves, without having to give up the beers or moonlight as Shamans.

​It's a space in which regular geezers attempt to be more vulnerable; practicing things we’re not used to and talking about the 'tough stuff' - all whilst celebrating the inherent playfulness of being, well, a geezer.

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Just as weight lifting gyms may be intimidating for some sheezers; self-help, yoga studios and wellness retreats can feel the same for some geezers.

Yogeezers do not judge (or, we try our best). Instead, we offer each other the chance to grow, as geezers, through honest conversation, wellbeing practices (for the everyday geez) and a sprinkle of good old fashioned ‘how’s your father’ humour.

Know what I mean?



We are in the midst of an international mental health crisis, with male suicide rates the highest they have ever been. Now, more than ever, geezers have got to find ways to talk about our worries and develop tools to build physical and mental resilience; tools we may previously have missed out on because they ‘weren’t for us’.


Ignoring, or even not knowing how to get in touch with our emotions, often traps us in negative, self-destructive behavioural cycles. 

We believe geezers deserve better.

Oliver Mayhall

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You gotta have balls to change.

- Vinnie Jones (top geez)